The people I know say they don’t want to get eaten out because they think it’s gross

i, on the other hand, cannot fucking wait til the day that happens to me.

oh, god. 

I just want somebody to appreciate my body as it is and fuck me senseless.


Ugh can I just do this to a girl now or?

I may be fat, but I’m going to have great sex when I start.
I imagined the guy i like and i having sex

which is weird for me, being a virgin and all, because i’ve never actually pictured it with a guy i knew/liked before

i don’t know

it seems awkward when i think about it, but when i was in the mood earlier it wasn’t that weird. 

my main problem is getting over my body image

because i know i’m heavier

and it scares me that i’m not sexually attractive to him, or really to any guy

so yeah that’s gr9

this is all this blog is going to be about, by the way, so if you don’t want to hear me complaining about my lack of sex life, i wouldn’t follow. (like anybody will anyway, this is just to get my sexual frustrations out)

This is now my sex blog

which none of my friends on my other blog will know about.

I’m in love with Keith.

Standing there was a guy, maybe her age or just a little older, dressed in a green kilt, a Starbucks shirt, heavy black boots, and a top hat. A fringe of light reddish hair stuck out from under the hat, brushing along the top of his shoulders. He had a wide, slightly evil grin. 


i’m obsessed with this idea right now

just chill until I get over it.

anyway, Ginny describes Keith as

  1. a good looking british guy
  2. who is an actor
  3. and who is also in college
  4. in London, where he wrote a play


“For his part, Keith didn’t seem to mind at all that hardly anyone was there. He took the opportunity to dive into the seats and even to climb one of the fake palm trees that sat on the side of the room.”

“So tell me,” he said, “why did you buy three hundred quid worth of tickets and then try to give them away on the street?”

“I’m Keith,” he said, “and you’re… clearly mad, but what’s your name?”

“Well, Mad Ginny Virginia from America, I guess I owe you a drink since you’ve made me the first person in all of recorded history to sell this place out.”

this is a “i wish andrew garfield would play keith from 13 little blue envelopes (the book by maureen johnson)” post.